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Our Story

Established over twenty years ago, Homestead Care remains dedicated to providing a service of excellence for our clients.

As our vision for delivering a top quality service has developed, Homestead Care has grown to become the largest independent provider of domiciliary care in Havering. We also provide care to clients in the areas of Barking, Dagenham and parts of Essex.

We provide a full range of home and social care support services to adults of various ages, backgrounds, and cultures. Enabling our clients to lead happy, healthy and fulfilled lives

Our Clients, At The Heart Of What We Do

To provide our clients with a first-rate service, we have placed our clients firmly at the heart of what we do.  We are dedicated to personalisation in all areas of home care, which is why we don’t offer fixed service packages.  What suits one client will almost definitely not suit you or your loved one and why should it?  That’s why when you contact us we will visit you to discuss with you what you want your care to look like, feel like, be like.   After all, who knows your needs better than you? At homestead care our exceptional high standard are complemented by our strong focus in three specific areas: independence, dignity, and choice.


Our aim is to promote independence enabling our clients to do as much as possible for themselves.  We help clients to regain confidence, take control of their lives and to make decisions from which they benefit.


Our home carers and office support teams are trained to the highest standards and are frequently complimented on their approach, discretion and on the respect they show to clients’ privacy.


Each person’s care service revolves completely around them.  It can be changed or adapted whenever required and additional support can be added or aspects removed as needed.

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